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Change of Time!

Due to unforeseen circumstances, the event time has been changed from 16:30-18:00 to 18:00-19:30.

A lot of work is being done to tackle Female Genital Mutilation globally by FGM surviors, campaigners/activists, charities, governments and other bodies. Mojatu Foundation advocates and supports work that reaches out, engages and empowers surviors and affected communities in a dignified and respectful way that focuses on changing the mindsets of the affected communities. We believe that an empowered community is capable of solving it's own social challenges if given the right support. - Valentine Nkoyo

Nottingham in Parliament Day 

City of Zero Tolerance to Female Genital Mutilation - Nottingham Model to go Global.
Tuesday 25th October 2016, at 18:00 - 19:30, Committee Room 10, House of Parliament, Westminster, London, SW1 0AA. 

What is Female Genital Mutilation?

Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) is any procedure where the female genitals organs are injured or changed for non-medical reasons. FGM has significant adverse effects on girls and women physically, emotionally and psychologically. It is prevalent in over 29 countries mainly in Africa and the Middle East. Approximately 130,000 women who have migrated to England and Wales are living with the consequences of FGM. Nearly 10,000 girls under the age of 15 living in England and Wales are likely to have undergone FGM. In 2015-2016, 5,700 new cases of FGM were recorded in England. In Nottingham, over 200 new cases are reported each year. 

The Discussion

FGM often affects survivors physically, emotionally and psychologically. There is need for an increased understanding of the complex mental health needs affecting women who have experienced FGM, especially those affected by other issues such as forced migration, who make the bulk of our service users.  FGM survivors, many of whom are also refugees and asylum seekers are affected by trauma and mental health needs thereby leading to increase in demand for provisions of culturally appropriate mental health services.

FGM survivors face many legal issues and complications when trying to protect their children from being forcibly removed from the UK. "Even if a state prohibits FGM/C by law, this does not necessarily mean that State protection is available. The practice of FGM/C may continue in states which have outlawed it because it is upheld by those in power at local level, or because the authorities are unwilling or unable to prevent, prosecute and punish perpetrators. Similarly, internal flight and relocation are often no alternative to fleeing the country". - International Refugee Rights Initiatives under the Rights in Exile Programme
The University of Nottingham, Mojatu Foundation and Nottingham FGM Steering Group are working together in developing training resources and carrying out research. These are aimed at developing a better understanding of the impact FGM has on survivors and developing better models to support FGM survivors in accessing appropriate healthcare services. It is imperative that the government continue to allocate resources to this area of work to ensure quality research is undertaken and recommendations are acted upon.

On 12th September 2016, Nottingham City Council declared Nottingham the first Zero Tolerant city to FGM in the UK. As we join hands in celebrating this superb accomplishment. Mojatu Foundation supported by our ambassador the Sheriff of Nottingham, Councillor Jackie Morris, are working together to encourage other cities to follow suit and make the UK, a Zero Tolerant country.

Female genital mutilation targets little girls, baby girls - fragile angels who are helpless, who cannot fight back. It's a crime against a child, a crime against humanity. It's abuse. - Waris Dirie

Meet The Panel

Professor Stephen Regel OBE

Director of the Centre for Trauma, Resilience and Growth (CTRG), Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust, Honorary Professor in the School of Education, Nottingham University and a Senior Fellow of the Institute of Mental Health, Nottingham.

Carol McCormick

Nurse and midwife who studied tropical medicine and postgraduate law. Whilst working in the Middle East and Africa, she gained experience in dealing with FGM/C.
She has been running FGM clinic  in Nottingham as the consultant midwife since 2002.

Terri Harman

Legal Consultant &  Director, Godiva Law, specialising in National  & International Family Law, with 15 years expertise in legal issues on FGM, forced marriages, domestic violence, international child abduction and children law matters. Terri is a resolution accredited solicitor in Private Children Law and Domestic violence.

Dr Catrin Evans 

Associate Professor and Director of Global Engagement in the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences.
Catrin has  expertise in community-led health promotion focusing on migrant populations, women’s rights and the cultural context of healthcare.


Cecily Mwaniki 

Cecily is the founder of CM Network and co-founder of Utilivu Women's Group. Based in Reading, She works with women and children promoting healthy living and helping to integrate them into the wider community. She has published several inspirational books including those related to female empowerment within different topics.  

Hilary Burrage

Hilary Burrage is a sociologist, consultant, teacher and writer with wide experience in regeneration, the knowledge economy, sustainable communities and the delivery of social policy. Hilary has published two books on Female Genital Mutilation FGM. She is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.

Councillor Jackie Morris

Councillor Jackie Morris is the current Sheriff of Nottingham and Councillor of Bulwell.  She is the former Lord Mayor of Nottingham and  is the Mojatu’s Nottingham FGM Ambassador and women’s rights activist. She recently moved a motion declaring Nottingham a “Zero Tolerance to FGM City”, the first in the UK. 

Dr Phoebe Abe 

Dr Abe was born in Uganda and attended Medical School at Makerere University. She completed her medical degree  at Manchester University Medical School as a refugee.
Dr Abe is an associate member of the All Parliamentary Party Group on FGM and an FGM specilialist and activist supporting FGM survivors. She advises FGM organisations within and outside the UK.

I appeal to all peace loving people to protect, to support, and give a hand to innocent little girls, who do no harm, Obedient to their parents and elders, all they know is smiles. Initiate them to the world of love, Not to the world of feminine sorrow! - Dahabo Ali Muse

Key Hosts and Facilitators

Lilian Greenwood MP

Lilian has been the MP for Nottingham South  since 2010, having previously been a UNISON organiser in the East Midlands. She has spoken at Mojatu Foundation's international FGM conference in 2015 and has supported the work of Mojatu Foundation by raising questions in Parliament, on its behalf . Lilian was also instrumental in helping to make Nottingham the first zero tolerant city to FGM, in the UK.

Sarah Champion MP

Sarah was elected the first woman MP for Rotherham in 2012. Passionate about working with communities as well as young people to give them better access to opportunities. She has led high-profile inquiries into the effectiveness of current child sexual exploitation legislation, which has resulted in a change in the law. Furthermore she has openly challenged the government on its record on preventing FGM in the UK. 

Veronica Pickering
Chair of the Panel

Veronica is an Executive Coach and Mentor, a Deputy Lieutenant of Nottinghamshire and Patron of the Nottingham Community FGM Steering Group and Trustee of Mojatu Foundation. 
She has worked for over 25 years to support children, families and communities in difficult social and personal difficulties thus improving their overall welfare.

Support Staff 

Valentine Nkoyo 

Human Rights Activist, Public Speaker, Advocate for education, FGM activist, Director of Mojatu Foundation and Founder of Nottingham Community FGM Steering Group and FGM Survivors Club. 

Mrs Kinsi Clarke

Into the Mainstream Refugee Services manager at Nottingham Refugee Forum, an activist and campaigner against FGM. She is an FGM Trainer and Consultant and a Trustee of Mojatu Foundation.

Shalom Adebanjo-Akers

Shalom is the FGM Project Lead at Mojatu Foundation. She is a LLB, International Law graduate and a PhD aspirant focusing on best models and approaches of tackiing FGM. Event Contact.

Help us end FGM in a generation

Lets keep FGM on the agenda.
25th October 2016, 6:00pm - 7:30pm
Committee Room 10
Invite Only

"The Practice Female Genital Mutilation is one that continues to hurt our daughters and sisters and it is all of our responsibility to make sure we stop the suffering. By ending FGM we not only protect the future generation but we heal ourselves." - Jaha Dukureh, Founder, Safe Hands for Girls
Please note that this event is an invite only event!